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    Souls Mi a Pree

    by: | 2 Comments »

    Song Info


    The word of God say he that winneth a souls is wise,
    and ah that mi come fi realize,
    So this year wah wi a seh,
    More souls fi Christ.

    Aye, Ryan Mark pon di track again,
    Aye, putting Jesus pon top again,
    Dem a chat but a chatter dem,
    So mek dem gwaan talk wi nuh matter dem, caw

    Souls wi a pree fi dah year yah
    Aye, suh nuh surprise wen u si mi inna u area
    Souls mi a pree fi dah year yah, the world need fi know that Jesus Christ ah Saviour
    Souls mi a pree fi dah year yah, we look around and redemption draw nearer
    Souls mi a pree, Souls mi a pree, Souls mi a pree fi di Saviour

    Verse 1
    Wi ago tek it to dem biblically
    Gospel to di world pon di gaza gullyside and alleys
    aye, Round di curbs and inna di valleys,
    Scriptures, packing punch like Muhammad Ali, cause
    the world need fi know Jesus Christ
    the only name wah can save you ah Jesus Christ
    many years mi know jesus and jesus nice
    live yu life fi him yu get a Jesus prize

    wi tek it ova tg, preach it ova jungle
    preach di word ah Jesus and save di souls dem by the bungle
    ova grants pen, ova white hall,
    mek dem lef the dark ends and come ova di bright wall
    dis year wi ago trample di beast ——-
    full time now di war ting need fi cease
    Gospel to Portmore and cassava peace


    Verse 2
    Gospel to the world wi mean that literally… (to be continued)

    Verse 1

    Yu dun know, tek di gospel ah Jesus Christ to four corners of the earth,
    Pon di highways and di byways,
    every ghetto, every inner city
    Uptown, downtown, di word ah Jesus Christ haffi preach
    Caw whole heapa souls out deh fi reach
    Yu know wah mi a seh
    Ryan Mark seh dat

    Souls mi a pree

    Listen here http://www.myspace.com/ryanmarkmusic

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