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    Sounbwouy Killah _ Kruxial Selecta

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    Song Info


    People ave  different jobs

    Someh dem doctors,teachers,nurses,soldiers

    But mi nah nuh nuh dat

    (yes mi ah sounbwouy killa)


    Mi nuh docter

    Neither teacher , Nor director

    Yes mi ah sounbwouy killah

    Mi ah kill nuff baga djs

    Yes dats mi job

    (repeat chorus)

    Verse 1

    Mi ave nuff lyriks  mi-go use shoot to dem bwouy

    Djs an mcees yes mi nuh counter fe dem

    Coulda never counter fe  dem  (yes)

    Mi di ruffest bwouy aroun` tahn

    100 percent original badbwouy in tahn

    If yuh never tasted mi gon

    Yuh shoulda never trie coz

    Anytime, Anyminute mi ready fe go

    Mush up an dun, mush up an  dun

    Jump an fled inna rent car, dat ah  be

    Mi style an pattern, style an pattern

    Police ah trie investgate but  dem coulda nuh trace

    (Yeah) mi ah dun, mi ah dun

    Repeat Chorus

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