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    Thank You Jesus (Featuring DAJ, Craig C & Danielle Gibson )

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    Song Info

    1. Sitting here thinking bout the many things in my life
    From the day I was born I really could a loose my life
    Complain about the many things that always a go round
    I thank you cause where I am is not where I’m coming from
    Don’t forget how one day Yuh save my little daughter’s life
    With no money in my pocket God Yuh always a provide
    In my going out and coming in Yuh always be my guide
    Being so good can’t complain to You I owe my life

    Anybody who God has done something for
    Let mi see yuh put yuh hand inna di air and say
    Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus (repeat)
    (repeat chorus)

    DJ by DAJ
    Yow thank yuh Father God for yuh salvation
    Yuh a di body guard just like an Alsatian
    Mi wah stay strong and be a salve to yuh
    An mi nah go quit an come off a di plantation
    Thank Yuh Father God a dat unuh fi bawl out
    Yuh still alive from di day Yuh born Yuh no fall out
    Big Him up every minute a di day
    Whether yuh live inside a mansion
    Or yuh live inside a small house

    Push up yuh hand middle palms
    Mek mi see di hands
    Push in di air pause mek wi tell Him thanks
    Pick me up when I was falling into sin
    So I’m into Him needing Him like diabetic needing insulin
    So let mi share my ten sense my repentance
    Grace an mercy inna a sentence
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Father God
    Peace of mind health and strength


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