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    The System – Romain Virgo

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    Song Info

    Song Year:

    When you work and til the soil
    Still can’t find food to boil
    What do you tell a hungry child, yes…
    When the system no create no job,
    weh yuh expect ghetto youths fi have
    Them will kill people and rob, yes…
    when innocent life get burn

    di government nuh show concern,
    to who do the people turn, yes…
    When the people hustle in the streets
    Often run from police jeep
    Tell me,now weh dem pickney ago eat

    Times getting rough, times get slow
    and we feel like letting go!
    When we fee like letting go, letting go, yeah
    Oh, you try your best,
    you still can’t find a way to fill your needs
    Feels like letting go
    Feels like letting go, yes!

    When yuh give guns to momma’s child
    and change up him whole profile
    a now blood run like river nile, yeah
    Tell me how the war ago end, when friends killing friends
    The same thing again and again, yes
    no joy caan hold pan di ends the whole community tends, yeah
    funeral expense, yes!
    Does this make any sense?
    It no make no sense
    Mr. Man, where is you conscience?

    Oh, oh,
    Feel like letting go, letting go, yeah!
    Oh, oh, oh
    Feel like letting go, letting go, yeah!

    When the big man dem inna the scheme involve with a girl who as just 13
    them shut her hopes and dreams, yes!
    Know this girl is living in fear,
    She been through school for so much years..
    chose so much sweat and tears,yeah
    now her parents seh she can stay not even another day
    if she dont throw it away, yeah
    To who is she gonna turn?
    how is she gonna earn?
    Tell me now, who ago show concern

    Oh, oh,
    Feel like letting go, letting go, yeah!
    Oh, oh, oh
    Feel like letting go, letting go, yeah!
    This is my concern, a dis a my concern yeah ;ahhh

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