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    THERE’s HOPE (Romans 5:1-5)

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    Try to run away from yourself
    Many times before
    But there seems to be no way of escape
    Cause all the doors are closed
    And everyone you thought you could depend on
    Is no longer there
    And you feel like a fish out of water
    And you’re drowning in fear

    Chorus x 2
    But there is hope
    Just believe it
    That there is a purpose why you’re here
    Yes there is hope
    Just believe it
    That He who created you loves and cares
    That Jesus Christ He loves and cares (on second time)

    No one tries to understand you
    No one knows your plight
    Bills growing into mountains
    And not a job in sight
    Simple things that you need in life
    You just can’t afford
    And you think that life’s unfair
    You wanna jump overboard


    You feel so tired and weary
    And that you’ve got no more strength to carry on
    But in the abundance of His mercy
    He’s able to take you through your storm


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