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    Song Info

    Release Date:
    Song Year:

    We need love, cho
    Bonafied love, cho
    It’s coming from above, check this
    A got this love inna mi heart for my brothers and sisters
    Tell them that a want them to be free (Oh yeah)
    But them haffi accept Jesus as them Lord and Saviour
    They could never smell the victory (Got to have it)
    Yes A got this love inna mi heart for my African daughter
    And a really want her to be free (Oh yeah)
    But she haffi accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour
    She could never smell the victory (Got to have it)
    Check it,
    VERSE 1
    Everyday dem get up a politics dem a preach
    Gi di youths dem gun an mek dem turn on the heat
    Now pressure tek dem an peace concert dem go keep
    Well a seh unnuh skip the bible leaf, yes
    Yes, unnuh round table and bag a big chat
    Build up more priSon and apply more cops
    Is like a waste a time cause the war cyaan stop
    The only solution is Jesus
    VERSE 2
    What about the youth dem weh dem parents get killed
    How you fi tell them fi chill
    And if you buy them a house and put them pon the hill
    Revenge them a carry out still
    So you can’t turn back the hands of time
    That’s why you keep calling 1-1-9
    If you nuh give them Jah word
    Yu nah stop the crime
    Because it ago take a renewing of your mind
    VERSE 3
    Well, them criticize mi looks and them a dis mi cologne
    A chat behind mi back tru dem cut off mi telephone
    Picking beam out a mi eye when them nuh pick out fi dem own
    Yu better check yu self or just leave mi alone
    Life and death is in the power of the tongue
    Be careful what yu seh in yu will face the fire bun
    A wah dem ago do when Mr. Jesus come
    Yu can’t reach the Father if yu nuh go through the Son
    We need love (Cho)
    Precious love (Cho)
    Bonafied love (Black people)
    Blessing from above (Oh yeah)
    Check it
    Yes, we need love (Cho)
    Bonafied love (Got to have it)
    Precious love
    Oh Lord (Oh yeah)
    Verse 2

    5 Responses to “Victory”

    1. antony gakuru Says:

      papa u bless de yuds wid ur ryms. horray 2 u

    2. Rawlings Says:

      will be happy to hear more from papa san apart from songs from the Victory album.

    3. martin kachikopa Says:

      Papa san blessed be to u. u bless many with ur lylics God bless

    4. paulette anderson Says:

      lyrics crossroads of my life by evang,carlene b wilson

    5. diet Says:

      Wonderful web site. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks in your sweat!

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