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    by: | Comments Off on Weak

    Song Info

    1st verse¬

    i don’t know what it is that you’ve done to me

    but its caused me to act in such a crazy way

    whatever it is that you do when you do what your doing

    its a feeling thet i want to stay



    cause my heart starts beating triple time

    with thoughts of loving you on my mind

    i cant figure out just what to do when the cause and cure is you



    i get so weak in the knees i can hardly speak

    i lose all control, then something comes over me

    in a daze your loves so amazing

    its not a phaze,

    i want you to stay with me

    by my side, i swallow my pride

    your love is so sweet it knocks me right of of my feet

    can’t explain why your loving makes me weak.


    2nd Verse¬

    time after time after time i try to fight it

    but your love is strong it keeps on holding on

    resistance is down when your around

    prides fading

    in my condition i don’t want to be alone

    Bridge x1

    Chrous x1

    2nd Bridge¬

    iv’e tried hard to fight it

    no way can i deny it

    your loves so sweet, it knocks me off my feet


    3rd Verse

    (i get so weak) Blood starts racing through my veins

    (i get so weak) boy it’s something i can’t explain

    (i get so weak) something bout the way you do

    the things you doooo. it.

    knocks me right off of¬ my feet(ooooh of my feet)

    i can’t explain why your loving makes me weak




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