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    Song Request: Song With the Words War Child

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    • Artist: No
    • Song:Unknown
    • Details: I am searching for a song with the words “war child” in it, probably in the chorus. i heard it from a german radio station in the 1980s and it sounded like an old song even back then. it was clearly reggae, with nothing experimental or dub-like in it. i remember it as a very emotional song, not laid back at all. i think i remember a singer which sounded like a seasoned veteran and like an experienced songwriter, crafting a melodic tune about the tragedy of “a” or “the” war child.

      not only have i searched for this song every few years without success, i think that this song deserves to not be forgotten and that it is as great and touching as e.g. john holt’s “strange things” (the old record, with his younger voice, overamplified/clipping when he sings loudest).

      any help is appreciated. if i am wrong here with my request, then i’m sorry. in that case please accept my apologies and please tell me a better place for this question, if you happen to know one. i already searched youtube, google and spotify. i am reaching out to the private collectors, reggae nerds and music archivars out there. i know you are there somewhere :-)
      thanks in advance!

    Requested: 24/12/2014 19:45:43

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