Top Reggae Songs

Today I have accepted the challenge of exploring my Jamaican culture a little more, and sharing it with the rest of the world – and I will start this process by identifying the top reggae songs in Jamaica, and the world in a number of categories. It is no secret that Jamaica is the birthplace and home of reggae music, and as a result, there is no better place for such a list to come from.

I was born in Jamaica and I have lived here for the last 30 years. I hear reggae almost every single day of the year (well, when I am in Jamaica), and reggae music is in my bones. It is my culture and something that Jamaica has created and given to the world. In fact, as soon as President Obama stepped off Air Force One in April 2015, the very first place he visited (impromptu I might add), was the home of the King of reggae himself, Robert Nesta Marley also known as Bob Marley.

Bob Marley by niteprowl3r

Bob Marley by niteprowl3r

The Top Songs

As a result, I have put together, based on my experience here in Jamaica and in my travels, the top reggae songs, in the categories below. The songs and lists were made based on airplay, discussions with DJs, regular folks, social media statistics, online numbers (youtube etc), Album sales, Billboard charts and all other metrics publicly available to help to define what I can refer to as the must use resource to define the top reggae songs in each category.
I must add, that the top songs, may not always be the most played (based on the music and billboard charts), the one with the most views on youtube, or even the highest album sales – in some instances that may be the case – but generally, these are songs that Jamaicans and the world have come to love and ‘rate’ as the top songs in each category.
Sean Paul Performing by Daniel

Sean Paul Performing by Daniel

The Top Reggae Categories

Without any further delay, here are the categories. The top songs are grouped based on event, artiste, mood, topic/subject and different methods.


  • top reggae bass songs
  • top reggae guitar songs
  • top international reggae songs – reggae songs not made by Jamaicans

By Genre

  • top reggae gospel songs
  • top reggae hip hop songs
  • top reggae house songs

By Season

  • top reggae christmas songs
  • top reggae culture songs

By Song Sales / Performance

  • top 10 reggae songs on youtube
  • top 10 reggae songs on the billboard
  • top reggae hit songs

By Subject / Topic

By Artiste

  • top reggae songs bob marley
  • top reggae songs Chronixx
  • top reggae songs vybz kartel
  • top reggae songs beenie man
  • top reggae songs by bounti killer
  • top reggae songs by Damian Marley
  • top reggae songs by women
  • … more artistes to be added

By Event

  • top reggae songs for parties
  • top reggae songs in movies
  • top reggae songs played in clubs
  • top reggae workout songs
  • top reggae zumba songs
  • top jamaican wedding songs

Other Top Reggae Lists

Here are a few other lists with top reggae songs around the internet

  • iTunes Top 100 Reggae Songs – The 100 most popular reggae song downloads on iTunes. The top reggae songs chart includes dancehall, ska, dub and roots reggae. To download the music you must have Apple’s iTunes player installed on your system. Chart updated daily.
  • Top 50 Reggae Songs Of All Time – Reggae Times does  a good job of picking their top 50 favourite songs of all time
  • reviews a two disc 38 track compilation of the best reggae songs ever.
  • Dancehallreggaeworld provides their list of top reggae and dancehall songs in Jamaica and the rest of the world
  • provides their list of top reggae albums, updated weekly
  • Jamaica weekly music countdown charts by Richie B of Mellow FM, updated weekly
  • Top 200 reggae songs – a list which has seemed to evolve over the years, also a good source


All Time Favourites

According to google and other research done around the web, some of the all time favourites (in no particular order) are:

  • Song: Welcome to Jamrock Album: Welcome to Jamrock · 2004
  • Song: Red Red Wine Album: Labour of Love · 1983
  • Song: Redemption Song Album: Uprising · 1980
  • Song: Night Nurse Album: Night Nurse · 1978
  • Song: Pressure Drop Album: Sweet and Dandy · 1968
  • Song: Three Little Birds Album: Exodus · 1977
  • Song: Many Rivers to Cross Album: Jimmy Cliff · 1968
  • Song: Could You Be Loved Album: Uprising · 1980
  • Song: Stir It Up Album: Catch a Fire · 1973
  • Song: Uptown Top Ranking Album: Uptown Top Ranking · 1977
  • Song: Get Up, Stand Up Album: Burnin’ · 1970
  • Song: Police & Thieves Album: Police and Thieves · 1977
  • Song: I’m Still in Love With You Album: Dutty Rock · 2002
  • Song: Jammin Album: Babylon by Bus · 1977
  • Song: Sun Is Shining Album: Soul Revolution · 1965
  • Song: Untold Stories Album: Til Shiloh · 1995
  • Song: Pass the Dutchie Album: The Youth of Today · 1982
  • Song: Buffalo Soldier Album: Confrontation · 1983
  • Song: It Wasn’t Me Album: Hot Shot · 2000
  • Song: Here Comes The Hotstepper Album: 1993
  • Song: Bam Bam Album: Do the Reggae 1966-70 · 1970
  • Song: I Got You Babe Album: Baggariddim · 1985
  • Song: Johnny B Goode Album: Mama Africa · 1983
  • Song: Call Pon Dem Album: Inna Di Road · 2007
  • Song: 54-46 Was My Number Album: Sweet and Dandy · 1968
  • Song: Stepping Razor Album: Equal Rights · 1977
  • Song: Romie Album: Maestro · 1996
  • Song: Gimme the Light Album: Dutty Rock · 2001
  • Song: The Harder They Come Album: The Harder They Come · 1968
  • Song: Come Around Album: Collie Buddz · 2006
  • Song: Smile Jamaica Album: Kaya · 1978
  • Song: Rivers of Babylon Album: Rivers of Babylon · 1970
  • Song: Those Day Album: Intoxication · 2007
  • Song: No Letting Go Album: No Holding Back · 1995
  • Song: Good Thing Going (We’ve Got a Good Thing Going) Album: Good Thing Going · 1986
  • Song: Chase the Devil Album: War Ina Babylon · 1976
  • Song: Someone Loves You Honey Album: 1988
  • Song: Kingston Town Album: Labour of Love II · 1989
  • Song: She’s Royal Album: Parables · 2006
  • Song: Hurt So Good Album: Hurt So Good · 1975
  • Song: (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You Album: Promises and Lies · 1990
  • Song: The Bed’s Too Big Without You Album: Reggatta de Blanc · 1979
  • Song: Who Dem Album: More Fire · 1999
  • Song: Santeria Album: Sublime · 1992
  • Song: You Can Get It If You Really Want Album: The Harder They Come · 1968
  • Song: Hold Yuh Album: Hold You · 2010
  • Song: One Day Album: Light · 2009
  • Song: Informer Album: 12 Inches of Snow · 1992

Did you see your song on the list?

Top Reggae Songs On YouTube

There are quite a few playlists on youtube with top reggae songs, some with a ‘mix’ (parts of each song) and some with the full length songs. You can check this playlist out, as it has quite an extensive range of songs.

Please stay tuned to this page for more information as we will be updating the links and adding more lists as times go by. Also please comment below and let us know what ‘top reggae songs’ do you want to know?

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